MedicSOS, more than just an ICE Card

The MedicSOS card started out as an ICE Card (In Case of Emergency), however unlike other ICE cards, we consulted a number of highly qualified medical professionals who work in emergency healthcare from all over the world as well as industry leaders in Occupational Health and Health and Safety. We spent 24 months developing a solution which would provide military grade security to protect the data stored on the card and also make it accessible to provide medical information about the person carrying our MedicSOS card.

We created MedicSOS to provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of the Oil and Gas Industry, Maritime, Health Care Professionals, Elderly Heath Care and the General Public. 

AThe card secures your information using military grade encryption.

BThe card is password protected so only you can change the data stored on it

CYou can backup the data stored on you card to your laptop or desktop

DIf the card is lost or stolen we can remotely delete the data stored on the card as soon as it is plugged in to a computer.


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