MedicSOS Cards

How it works

AFlip open the USB tab on your card and insert it in to your windows computer. Create a password and restart the application. Enter as much of your medical and or other details as you want, however we would always recommend you enter all your medical details as this helps first responders or emergency services.

BCheck the card works on another computer (This is just a safety step to make sure your card functions as expected.)

CThe card has been designed to work on Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8). Now you have completed these steps, place it in your wallet or handbag and tell your friends and family about the card just in case they need to give it to the emergency services.


Enjoy life

Always carry your MedicSOS card with you as you never know when you will need it and go out and have a great life.


How robust is the card?
The card is made from a high quality plastic and will easily stand up to the riggors of daily life.
Is the card water proof?
Technically the card is not waterproof, however that said, it is water resistant and if you do accidentally get it wet just wipe off the excess water with a cloth and it will function perfectly well.
I want to travel with the card, will it go through airport scanners?
Yes, the card will happily go through airport scanners and will work after.
If I forget the password can it be reset?
Unfortunately we can't reset your password and if you do loose it then you will not be able to change any information stored on it. However if you contact us we will help you wipe the card and you will have to input the information again.
Can I copy the software on to another USB device and use that instead?
You cannot use the software on another USB device as it is only licensed to work on the USB cards we provide.
Can MedicSOS be tailored for company use?
We can tailor solutions for companies, please contact us for more information.

Helping people help themselves.