What is an ICE Card?
ICE stands for In Case of Emergency and it provides vaulable information to emergency services on your current medical history, medication, next of kin and/or emergency contacts.
Do you store any of our details?
ICE Identification Limited (MedicSOS) does not store any of your medical details. The only details we would store are used to process your order and this is not stored on our website or server as we use a third party to process all orders.
What if I lose the card?
Don't worry, we can remotely delete your card, however we will require your cards serial number and the email address of the person who ordered it to confirm it was lost. (**Terms and conditions apply)
Can I back up the information stored on the card(s)?
Yes, click on edit from the file menu, enter your password and you will see a backup card option.
I have a family, can I store their medical details on my card?
Unfortunately not, each card is for one person only. Having more than one persons details on the card would be dangerous as emergency professionals need to know your medical details.
Can anyone else change my details?
No, only you can change your details so don't share your password with anyone else. If someone tries to alter the information you have put on the card it will simply be ignored by the software.
Can I store other things on the card?
Whilst we would advise not storing anything other than data input in to the card as it may cause the card to be blocked by a companies anti virus, you can upload scanned images to your private folder which will protect them, however they will not be visible to the emergency services.
What medical information can be stored on the card?
Each card comes with 3.5Gb of storage which will allow you to store a vast amount of medical information. You can store MRI, ECG scans etc., however we would recommend you size the scans accordingly. The software on the card will allow you to store your emergency contact, medications, surgeries, medical conditions, allergies, vaccinations.
What medical information should I store on the card?
It's entirely up to you and we would advise you put in all the information you can in each tab as it will help emergency professional treat you.

We have kept the MedicSOS software as simple and straightforward to use as is possible. If you follow the document supplied as a PDF you should be able to set it up quickly so long as you have all your medical information to hand.  You should not need your entire medical history from your doctor, however if you are unsure seek the advice of a medical professional.

If you are entering your medication information please use the active ingredient(s) as most drugs are brands which vary from country to country.  If you are unsure seek the advice of a medical professional such as your doctor or chemist.

All the text heading you see in the software can be translated in to over 80 languages which will help medical professionals work out your medical history, however please note the information you enter will not be translated, just the headings. If you are unsure always seek the advice of a medical professional.

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