Health Care

Health Care

If you work in health care, use agency staff or have residents then a MedicSOS card can help with managing your agency staff and residents and streamline the management of them.

Agency Staff

If you use agency staff it's a legal requirement to ensure they are qualified to perform their duties and our MedicSOS healthcare card stores their capabilities, certifications and training.  Also while the agency employee or contractor is working for your company you have a duty of care to them and if something should happen whilst at work they will have all the medical information on their card. 

If you have ever required an agency worker at short notice sometimes the paperwork will not reach you before they will. Using a MedicSOS card they will have current documents which show they are capable, certified and trained to perform their duties.


If a person in your care needs hospital treatment the process of getting all the information the hospital requires to treat them can difficult.  If each resident has a MedicSOS card then all the relevant medical information can be passed to the hospital on a MedicSOS need to search through the filling cabinets to get their prescriptions, treatment history.