Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

If you work in the Oil and Gas industry you know the risks you face on a day by day basis, even if you are an office worker you would benefit from having a MedicSOS card.

Corporate Responsibility

All employers have duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees at work.


If you have staff working offshore at some point they will visit the Medic. Although records are kept about the treatment they received there is no meaningful history kept by the employee which normally is not an issue, however if they move from one installation to another during a trip the medic on the second installation will not know if they received any treatment.  With a MedicSOS card not only does each medic know the current medical information of the employee they will also see any treatments they may have had and may be able to link issues the employee is presenting with. 


If a member of staff or contractor is medivaced then it is usually a medical emergency and whilst the receiving hospital will know of the patients arrival they may not have a medical history.  If the patient is unconscious then it can pose a problem for the emergency department as they can treat the obvious physical issues, however they would not know if the patient is allergic to certain pain relief or other drugs used to initially treat them.  With a MedicSOS card you can ensure the medical history travels with the patient and the receiving hospital can use the medical information stored on the card to treat them correctly and also be able to inform the patients next of kin or emergency contacts.